The Importance of Wheel Alignment

The Importance of Wheel Alignment

What is Wheel Alignment?

Tire alignment is vehicle maintenance that adjusts the angles of wheels to the manufacturer's specification. It is important to keep wheels aligned because proper wheel alignment helps your tires perform correctly and increase their lifespan.


Why should you get your wheels aligned?

Wheels can go out alignment due to road conditions and driving habits. Driving through potholes, bumping curbs, and minor car accidents can also cause wheels to become misaligned.  Although the front wheels are much more susceptible to becoming misaligned,  the rear wheels can also experience similar issues. 


Properly aligned wheels will wear out evenly and equally. This will extend the life of your tire and ensure you get the most miles out of them. The amount of tread a tire has directly impacts the grip and stopping distance. 


You will notice a reduction in vibrations in the steering wheel. The tires may also produce less road noise. This will create a more enjoyable and comfortable drive. 

Fuel Efficiency 

There will be less excess pressure on certain sides of the wheel. This will cause less rolling resistance, and the engine will not have to work as hard. Because the engine will burn less fuel to move your vehicle around, you will be saving gas.  

Prevent Future Problems

The reduction in vibrations will have a direct impact on the life of your suspension and shocks/struts. A wheel alignment will prevent premature breakdown from suspension parts and avoid  expensive repairs. 

Wheel alignment will extend the life of your tires and potentially, your car. If you have any questions on tire wear, check out this article on the Different Types of Tire Wear

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