Prevent Tire Blowouts: Balance Your Wheels!

Prevent Tire Blowouts: Balance Your Wheels!

The VeloSpinner is a ready-to-use tool for wheel balancing. Essential first step if you purchase a new set of wheels, work at a body shop, collision center or if you are an automotive parts entrepreneur! Wheel balance is crucial to help prevent damage done to your tires. If a wheel is bent or has a crack, this can pierce into your tires and cause tire puncture that results in air leakage or a flat.

What can you do to prevent hundreds of dollars worth of damage?

Give your wheel a quick spin on the VeloSpinner. If you notice any uneven tilting, the wheel is touching the flat surface (table, desk, ground, etc.) or uneven wobbling something is wrong. You should see a slight bounce motion after spinning your wheel a few times. If there is a smooth and straight spin, this guarantees that your wheel is straight and in good working condition ready to mount onto your vehicle or list for sale. 

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