3 Ways VeloSpinner Can Simplify Your Work Space!

3 Ways VeloSpinner Can Simplify Your Work Space!

Next time you get work done for vehicle take a look at all of the heavy equipment and machinery required. Velospinner can increase space, increase productivity and reduce headaches! Listed below are three reasons why this revolutionary product is useful in almost any auto body shop, collision center, wheel store and many more locations! 

1. No assembly required
Velospinner takes away the headache of assembling. The Velospinner arrives at your doorstep, or business ready for use.

2. Take It Anywhere You Go
The Velospinner weighs about 20 pounds, making it easy to take on-the-go from your workspace to any facility.

3. Instant Results
After giving the wheels or rims a couple of spins, you will instantly see the difference between a rim that is balanced and one that is not balanced.

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