The VeloSpinner is a revolutionary product designed in America, created for the quality control of rims and wheels. Do you find yourself losing money over wheels that looked straight but then come to find out one little bent went unnoticed? Are you lacking a guaranteed method of checking the balance and integrity of new wheels? A convenient way? Imagine purchasing rims and being 100% certain each one is worth the money you put into them. Not just 100% certain, but certain within mere seconds of seeing them. No hassle light weight design meant for mobile use. One and done product, no fuss of multiple parts to remember.


Why You Need The Velospinner 

Provide efficient and accurate results for quality control of wheels and rims. Why do YOU need the Velospinner?

  • Save time and money on the quality of your inventory
  • Accurately test rims on the go with no extra parts for multiple wheels
  • Small and portable for jobs outside of the business
  • No assembly required
  • If you buy and sell rims, you MUST know the quality and integrity of the rim
  • It’s a one and done no-assembly-required product, fitting 95% of all wheels
  • Stop misdiagnosing your customers’ car problems if the issue is a simple damaged rim