The Dangers of Driving With a Bent Rim

The Dangers of Driving With a Bent Rim

Rims are an essential part of the car because they provide support to the tires. As a result, having a bent rim can come with numerous consequences. 

Having a bent rim can cause the tire to leak air. This will lead to poor fuel economy and decreased handling performance. If severe enough, it can lead to a flat tire or even a blowout. This can be considerably dangerous if driving at highway speeds. 

There will also be a decrease in passenger comfort. A bent rim will lead to vibrations. These vibrations will be felt in the steering wheel (front bent rim) or seats (rear bent rim). Driving with bent rims for a prolonged amount of time will also lead to much faster suspension wear.

Check out Santa Ana Wheel if you have a bent rim. They can repair most bent rims. 

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