OEM Replica Wheels are wheels made to look exactly like OEM wheels. Below you will find some myths unveiled.

1. OEM Replica Wheel elements are cheap and untrustworthy.

Velospinner manufacturer goes through prestigious steps to assure that the wheel is an exact clone of the OEM Wheel. We use the same technique as any brand name car manufacturer.

2. OEM Replica Wheels Are Fake and Fraud

When something is considered fake or fraud, this is having to do with deficient quality- non-usable product. VeloSpinner assures that all of our products go through a series of test to meet the same standards as an OEM wheel/rim.

3. OEM Replica Wheels are Not Safe
Unsafe products are banned and mandated by all Laws and Regulations of the U.S. We follow all guidelines to assure that our product is safe for use with a series of tests to meet the best functionality. We know better than anyone a right working wheel is essential for every customer.

4. OEM Replica Wheels will decrease the value of any vehicle

When trying to sell your vehicle, Replica wheels do not hurt the overall value of your car.

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