Keep Your Tires Looking Like New

Keep Your Tires Looking Like New

Who doesn't wish their tires stayed deep black? No one wants to be seen in dull and brown tires. Luckily, this can be achieved with routine tire maintenance and with the help of tire dressings.

When purchased new, tires have a deep glossy black look and are even smooth to the touch. This is the result of propriety blends each tire manufacturer has created. For example, Bridgestone adds antioxidants and waxes to their rubber to protect the tire from the harsh environment. Over time, as the waxes migrate to the tire's surface, a dull brown appearance may develop. Although car enthusiasts may not like this, it is entirely normal and is a part of the life of the tire.
To prevent the tire from looking old, tire dressings can be applied. Not only do tire products provide a beautiful deep glossy black, but they also help protect your tires from the elements. As the tire ages, the antioxidants and waxes begin to fade and rub off. Cleaning your tires with each car wash and applying tire dressing regularly will help to keep your tires looking brand new and prevent them from fading.

Rinse Your Tires Off. Spray down the entire surface of your tire with water. This is generally done with a pressure washer; however, if you don't have one, a regular hose will work. The purpose of rinsing the tires first is to loosen of any stuck on road grime, brake dust, and any other contaminants. Any contaminants that aren't loosened before scrubbing may scratch the tire. 

Spray The Tires With a Cleaner. If available, use a tire cleaner. These are available in most retail stores in the automotive section. Be careful not to spray the rim or any other surface. Let the tire soak for the recommended amount of time. If you don't have a tire cleaner, you may use regular car soap. 

Scrub Your Tires. Using a brush, scrub the entire surface of the tire. You shouldn't be applying excess pressure, but feel free to use some extra elbow grease on any sections that have caked on dirt. Rinse the brush ever so often as to prevent the accumulation of dirt and small little particles.

Final Rinse and Drying. Once the tire has been thoroughly scrubbed clean, rinse off the soap and remaining contaminants. If the tire is still dirty, feel free to go for round two with the tire cleaner and the brush. Once you are satisfied, with how clean the wheel looks, dry it off completely. You may use an old rag, terry cloth, or random cotton towel.

Tire Detailing. With the tire dry, you may apply a tire product. There are different types of tire dressing and which would work best for you depend on your specific needs. You may use one of three tire products: spray on, gel, and foam. Make sure to follow the instructions to prolong the life of your tires. Only use the recommended amount, as any additional amount will not necessarily make the tire a deeper and glossier black.  

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